Progress on several fronts -eventually.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust SKO turned out OK,  albeit a bit smaller than I was anticipating. It probably wasn’t worth working the pattern on it as it’s almost invisible in all that fluff, but it’s quite cuddly. I learned to sample before I knit, though it didn’t seem worth it for a piece made from 1 50gm ball.

The samples were rather less successful. It took three goes through the washing machine, at gradually increasing temperatures, to get any visible shrinkage, but I wasn’t intending to use this wool for a full scale SKO, (it’s 4ply) so that’s not a problem. I also learned that the colour of the black string runs. And that fake purple raffia is not my thing.

Despite  having a feverish cold for most of the week, I managed to keep up with 1 Year of Stitches. I learned that the black one is b****y difficult to photograph. 

And finally, after several weeks of procrastination, I added some stitch to an older, not so strange knitted object, which has improved it somewhat. I learned that stitch won’t correct a crooked SKO.

Quite a lot really, considering how grotty I felt for most of the week.


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