Weeks 21-22

The first week was  largely taken up by a stomach bug, as well as my self-imposed break from college work. However I did search the internet for a suitable box for ‘Lost Words’, which proved remarkably hard to find. There were plenty which were wide enough but too short, or long enough but too wide: in the end I had to be satisfied with a necklace box which is slightly shorter than I would have liked, or pay silly money for a custom made one.

In the second week I went back to the long-neglected business plan, and added comments prompted by the speakers we have had in college. Since then Sue has given us some relevant handouts, so I need to add any points raised by those which I have not already included.

I have managed to keep up to date with POT and with my photographs, although photography day slipped from Thursdays to the weekend, for family reasons. We go back to child-minding next week, so I know that I need to get organised and get back to work, as I will have much less free time, and probably much less energy after running round after a 4 year old and a 9 month old two days a week!