This poor neglected little blog.

I’ve made several attempts to write this post. Posts and WordPress can’t agree on layout, Bloggsy is a bugger to add images to, one free app got crap reviews, another is not intuitive, and I don’t want to cough up real money for the paid ones which have lukewarm reviews. In my experience WordPress’s own app is worse than Bloggsy and Posts, and trying to post direct on the WordPress site was the most frustrating experience I’ve had for a long time. For example, the cursor kept going back to the beginning and the only way I could persuade it to move was by leaving the post and returning.

I could get up and try the desk top, but I’m feeling lazy, so let’s try it this way – type the post in a text editor (Pages) and then copy and paste. Into what? Cross that bridge when I come to it…

This blog has been neglected for too long. I could make excuses, but I’m sure I could have stopped playing Freecell for long enough to write a post if I’d really wanted to. My muse has been on a long holiday, so I haven’t had a lot I’ve felt like writing about. Fortunately she has returned – I was invited to join a textile group called ‘Visual Marks’ and that seems to have filled the gap left by the degree quite nicely – actually it’s better, because I can choose what I do, and even if I do it or not, although that hasn’t been necessary. Yet.

At each meeting we explore a technique or process, then go away and follow up what we did in the session, with the aim of producing a resolved piece of work for the next meeting – or maybe the next but one…

In January’s session we indulged in some ‘machine networking’ – work a line of automated machine stitch on a pice of felt and pass it on. Sixteen times.

I’ve done something like it before, although without the passing it on element, obviously. To begin with I was a bit uninspired, as I associated the technique with making little bags and that was something I did not want to make.

But then, in the middle of an insomniac night, I thought about inlaid appliqué, which I did once for City and Guilds and have never done since.

I haven’t done it yet this time either, but I have made a mock up with some scans. We did agree in the session that we would stick to black and white, but I’ve never been good at doing what I’m told.

My follow-up to our last session involved some little paper doll like figures which emerged from a still-life I’d drawn (it was so bad all I could do was look for shapes in the tangle of lines), so I thought another paper doll figure would be appropriate.

Then I tried a different approach. You will have noticed there is a bit more red than in the first one.

I’m not sure how well this process would work in felt rather than paper, but I’m going to try it and see.

Of course after I’d scanned those, I had to play around with some apps.

Decim8. Yes, purple. That’s Decim8 on random for you.



And Mirrorgram, just to emphasise the paper dollishness.

I haven’t tried iColorama yet, but I will!

Well, that was relatively easy to write in Pages, although I can’t work out how to get words alongside images except on the right. (It turned out not to be a problem as they got stripped out.)Now to try posting it in WordPress. If you don’t get to read this you’ll know it didn’t work.

P.S. Well, I’ve had three goes at posting this. all of them stripped out the images. WordPress on line wasn’t going to make it easy to put them back, Bloggsy would do it if I tried really really hard, but wouldn’t post to WordPress, so now I’m experimenting with this free app, the name of which I have forgotten but I’m sure it says it somewhere. I think it has put the images in, but as to what size they are or whether they are in the right place…

PPS. All more or less OK, but WordPress is buggering about if I try to edit it. Grrrrrrrrrr!