Progress on several fronts -eventually.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust SKO turned out OK,  albeit a bit smaller than I was anticipating. It probably wasn’t worth working the pattern on it as it’s almost invisible in all that fluff, but it’s quite cuddly. I learned to sample before I knit, though it didn’t seem worth it for a piece made from 1 50gm ball.

The samples were rather less successful. It took three goes through the washing machine, at gradually increasing temperatures, to get any visible shrinkage, but I wasn’t intending to use this wool for a full scale SKO, (it’s 4ply) so that’s not a problem. I also learned that the colour of the black string runs. And that fake purple raffia is not my thing.

Despite  having a feverish cold for most of the week, I managed to keep up with 1 Year of Stitches. I learned that the black one is b****y difficult to photograph. 

And finally, after several weeks of procrastination, I added some stitch to an older, not so strange knitted object, which has improved it somewhat. I learned that stitch won’t correct a crooked SKO.

Quite a lot really, considering how grotty I felt for most of the week.


It’s been a long time…

during which I went round in circles like a headless chicken, trying to decide where my muse was taking me, apart from up shit creek without a paddle. Most of the good intentions I wrote about in my last post came to nothing. I did some playing around with marks, but it didn’t really lead anywhere. I think I did do some mindless knitting, although I cannot remember what it was.* Nothing much happened in November, December was hectic, and our very quiet Christmas allowed much needed R&R. 

But somewhere in the middle of all that, I restarted  my own knitting, and managed to produce some things which varied from satisfactory to quite exciting.

Which woke the muse up and got me going again. 

So here are my next group of Strange Knitted Objects. 

The top row is a collection of samples, waiting to be felted tomorrow – if I finish the WIP on the left in time. The one below is a prospective resolved SKO, although I’ve had to pull it back once as the shaping didn’t work out. The yarn is a blend of Hebridean wool and ‘Yorkshire’ alpaca, bought – I kid you not – from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Strange the things you come across on on Etsy, when you’re looking for something else. It’s lovely to knit with, we’ll see how it felts.

I’ve also signed up for One Year of Stitches. I’ve realised that my hands are not really up to a lot of embroidery any more, but a little bit every day is doable, no pressure, low stress and fun. So much fun that I started a second hoop. You will notice that a hand crept in there, which I rather like. There be another one, or more.

 My aim is to fill each hoop completely by the end of the year, if not sooner, and to use up as much stash as possible. This is 10 days worth. Disappointingly little stash reduction has taken place.

* I think it was a pair of socks.