after procrastinating for weeks, I got round to tying buttons into the small red glove. No idea why it took me so long, it’s not difficult. She will go in the washing machine tomorrow, and then I will find out if she can stand up by herself. (Anthropomorphise things? Moi?)

Sampling has continued. 

More tucks in:

1. Wool City DK, originally from the late lamented Texere, but now available form Airedale Yarns. (And am I glad I Googled for that link, they seem to have expanded their range. Paper yarn anyone?) and;
2. Twilley’s Bubbly, at least 40 years old, bought in a charity  shop, and now available on EBay  and Etsy. Fortunately I have lost my credit card so I cannot replenish my stock.

Sorry for the crap photo, I’ve tried several times to get a decent one. This is also Wool City DK, with worms in a variety of yarns, some of which felt and some don’t. And one or two beads.

These are not samples, but preparation for the ‘make something out of junk mail’ prompt from ‘Make Something Every Day’. I painted them with emulsion paint (seems to cover better than gesso and, as it was a left over can, the price was right.) Then I added Brusho, using a method I call Pollocking – spread paint splashily on the first sheet, put the next sheet on top, paint that, add the next one – and so on. Two sides painted for the price of one and lots of unpredictable colour combinations. These will become a book in due course.


I’m still here…

and knitting and felting has been taking place. I just didn’t get round to posting it here. So, making up for lost time, here are another sample and the first completed mini-glove.

There’s another mini-glove under way, and I have lots of ideas for more samples.

The big gloves may be making an unexpected trip to the seaside soon – more later.