Weeks 23 – 25

Mmm – I think my week counting has gone astray over the months, but I’m not going to try to work out where I’ve gone astray!

The last few weeks have been filled with going on holiday, panicking, finishing off  things, panicking, thinking of more things I ought to have done – oh, and panicking. The major problem is that Apple has updated iPhoto – since when it crashes when I try to print. Not every time, but often enough to be extremely frustrating, when you want to print 20+ A4 photos. I’ve tried using Picasa instead, but that also crashes periodically.

My previous problem with persuading the printer and the computer to play nicely together has reoccured, which means searching the Epson site for yet another set of printer drivers. The good side of it is that I have worked out how to print my photos the size I want them, rather than the size iPhoto thinks they ought to be – and I have cracked the code Picasa uses to identify photos from iPhoto. Much as I love the Mac, I think iPhoto is the weakest part of the set up – and it seems impossible to avoid using it.

Still, in a couple of weeks it will all be over. I’ve already started thinking of a new approach in my work – I can think of lots of things to do with tubes but none appeal – apart, perhaps, from setting fire to them…