Still sampling.

But embroidery this time, not knitting. I watched some videos (now taken down) from  about the sampling methods used by Sue Stone, and although the presentation of the videos reminded me a bit of those self help books that include a few ideas padded out with lots and lots and lots of repetition, I did like her approach to embroidery. Which is, to select a few simple stitches, impose some simple limitations on the way you work, and explore all the variations you can think of. Stone suggests you work on a small scale – 5 cm squares drawn on fabric. As my previous attempt to explore button hole stitch ended up as a sprawling monster I was thoroughly bored with, this had a certain appeal.
Slightly influenced by Stone’s choices, I made a list of the stitches I seem to use the most – straight, running, couching, and French knots, and added needle weaving because I like it. I decided to limit my first experiments to horizontal rows of vertical stitches, so they are not running stitches, although there is a danger that they could become satin stitch. These are the first 4: I have several more ideas.
The videos emphasised that samples are just samples, and that they are meant to be used to inspire real work. I know the danger of ending up only making samples (from bitter experience), so I have told myself that after every ten or twelve I must try to make something with the ideas. At the moment I have no idea what, but hopefully something will come. Meanwhile I am just enjoying the graphic nature of the mark making.
As I’ve finished the last year of stitches sample, I’ve replaced it with these samples. I’m aiming to do one little square a day, more if I get carried away!