Life goes on.

There’s been lots of knitting since I last posted – including my fugly socks – so ugly that I photographed them in B&W to save you from the full horror of the colour scheme. But I normally wear them inside my slippers, and anyone who is close enough to see them will be grovelling at my feet, so I think I can get away with it.

My main Year of Stitches embroidery also demonstrates some horrible colour schemes – which is probably to be expected when you pick colours at random. When I studied colour theory for C&G embroidery, we were challenged to produce an ugly colour scheme. I found it quite difficult at the time – should have dawned on me that purple, yellow, orange and rust really don’t work together.

The threads for the one with a black background were carefully chosen, so, apart from the blue which reads as black, the colours are better.

I’ve finally finished the four Yorkshire Wildlife Trust vessels. I’d love to be able to use their wool for SKO’s, but I think it’s too fluffy for them – stitch patterns just vanish when felted. Might work for colour work, I suppose – which might be an excuse to buy some more. 

The before and after photos are of an SKO made from some left overs from the giant gloves – Berber rug wool from the much missed Texere yarns, although I think Airedale yarns sell it. I wasn’t sure how well it would felt, but it does so quite nicely – stands up well, but still plenty of stitch definition. (The odd colour of ‘before’ is because I photographed it in artificial light- ‘after’ is much more accurate.

I’ve got another experimental sample waiting to have some embroidery/weaving added to it before it goes in the wash, and one on the needles which has stripes of cream wool and fine black polypropylene. I kid you not, Airedale yarns sell it, and it’s softer than I expected, and quite easy to knit with, apart from being a bit splitty. We will see what happens when it meets the hot water.


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