A drab Sunday afternoon

enlivened by spotting some interesting coils in the cleaner cable. The ‘Colors’ iPad app made the colour a bit more exciting.


Then my second favourite app, ‘Decim8’ got to work. So many ideas for stitch from one quick photo!


Poor neglected little blog! Again.

Since my last confession – er – post, there have been some changes around PPS Acres. Some good ( a wedding), some bad (a funeral) and some on which the jury is still out.

If you read this blog in the days in which I posted to it regularly, you will know that back in February 2012, I started it as evidence of time management and planning, for the Foundation Degree I was then taking.  Well, it must have helped, because I passed – but the blog became redundant. I have made half hearted attempts to resurrect it since then, but nothing consistent. I have also thought about deleting it, but I’m reluctant to do so, since I put a lot of work into it for a while, and I still like the name, though I haven’t been working much with plastic or string. Until recently.

One of the things which has happened, which I think is a good thing (ask me again in 12 months time) is that I have gone back to University – I suspect that I am in the running for the most mature of their mature students.

I was persuaded by a friend to apply to the University of Chichester for a place in the final year of their BA Fine Art. (The Foundation Degree we took previously lets us off doing the first two years.) I started last September, and as I am doing it part time, I will finish next summer.

I have to say that for the first semester I spent a lot of time wondering what I had let myself in for – and whether I had made a big mistake. Not because of the staff, other students or the teaching, but because I was floundering, and let’s be honest, procrastinating. Then, by a tortuous and lucky process I won’t go into here, I found an approach and a topic I knew I could work with. Of course, there have been changes – one thing I have leaned from the full time students is that this is normal, and from the staff that it is not necessarily a bad thing.

So now I am working on gloves. Probably knitted ones, but maybe fabric ones – I’ve bought a pattern. Probably single, full sized, unwearable gloves, like this…

but possibly large numbers of smaller ones. Possibly on sticks, but maybe not – how to display them is a niggling question at the back of my mind. And with a side order of digital prints of gloves – and hands. And therein lies my renewed interest in this blog.

As the approach at Chichester is a little more laid back than for the Foundation Degree, demonstrating planning and time management via this blog is not essential. But I am spending quality time with my trusty iPad and a lot of apps, playing around with my photos and what might, taking a very broad definition of the word, be called drawings. Few of the results get any further than the Cloud, so why not give them a bit of exposure?

Today I tied myself in knots scanning my own hands. I believe it is possible to scan other things, but I am a mature student and I restrained myself. Plus the scanner is not very accessible and getting those other things on to the platen would be a) difficult and b) dangerous.  But I digress.

Here, then as a token of my very best intentions to continue to post to this blog as regularly as possible, are some scans of my right hand. The app is the excellent, bargain price, strongly recommended iColorama. One day I will learn how to use it.