Still here, still knitting.

Even if it’s only socks.

I’m also still plugging on with the Year of Stitches as well, combining it with Sue Stone style sampling. I find her methodical approach calm, unchallenging but motivating, which is therapeutic in my current circumstances.

The Tour de France ends today, which means more time and less adrenaline. On the other hand it is time for holiday grandparenting, which means less time and more adrenaline – although it should be concentrated into just 3 days a week.


Sometimes life gets in the way of art.

We’re going through a difficult time, with a family member doing their best to make life as difficult as possible. I am still creating, but tending to take the easy option, as I don’t have the brain space for anything complex.

And my other excuse is that it is Tour de France time, and that always demands a lot of attention – and takes my mind off other things.

Normal service will be resumed a.s.a.p.