Biting off more than I can chew?

I’m quite pleased with myself for having finished this collection of spot motifs from Simple Stitch Patterns for Embroidery before I ran out of year. Because, although I don’t do New Year’s resolutions (been there, tried that, never kept them) I am very good at taking on too many internet challenges, group activities, etc.

In 2018 I am contemplating doing:

1. The 64 Million Artists January Challenge. I tried the full year last year and failed dismally, but 31 days should be doable, shouldn’t it?

2. The 100 Days Project Solstice to Equinox Challenge. I’ve done full 100 Days challenges before, but I decided it was a bit much to do it now with everything else I’ve committed myself to. Solstice to Equinox is weekly, so, inspired by Lize Bard’s wonderful blog, I’m planning on writing a weekly haiku. Of course, the Solstice was nearly 2 weeks ago, but better late than never.

3. One Year of Stitches 2018. Which is really just going on with the band sampler, which I was planning on doing anyway. (For some reason FB won’t let me download a link to the group…)

4. Sharon Boggon’s Beyond TAST. This is a bit of cheek, because although I’ve started TAST several times in the past, I’ve never got very far with it. I’m hoping I can also combine Beyond TAST with the band sampler, perhaps alternating/combining it with my Anne Brandon Jones project.

Can I do it? Watch this space!


A Perfect Day

64 Million Artists: Creative Challenges for Dementia Awareness Week

1. A self portrait.

2. A perfect day

The right companion.

No alarm clock.

Spring sunshine.

A leisurely breakfast.

A short drive to somewhere peaceful. 

A walk beside water.

A light, tasty lunch.

An interesting art exhibition before a hassle free drive home.

A pleasant supper, and a glass of something white.

 A good book and good music.

An early bed and a good night’s sleep.