Books and Samplers

The sampler stitching was inspired by Caron Penney‘s weaving, the book structure by LaPlantz, and the style and contents by Tetenbaum and Chen.


Checking in after 6 months…

If there’s anyone out there who actually reads this, apologies for the gap. I haven’t been posting, except on my other blog, Cheshire Cheese.

I have carried on with Brenda Gael Smith’s Monthly Art Project on Facebook, and Sharon Boggon’s Beyond TAST, and Stitch (nearly every) Day, although I haven’t been posting regularly on those either. Of course it helps when One project, my band sampler, encompasses all three of them!

I’m not going to post images of all of the sampler, but just to prove I have been working on it, here’s what it looks like rolled up. Unrolled it’s almost 10 metres long.

I have also gone back to an earlier love, book arts. I bought a new book, Shereen LaPlantz’s The Art and Craft of Handmade Books, and that got me going again, especially her section on tacket bindings, which were new to me. I also found my copy of Tetenbaum and Chen’s Artists’ Book Ideation Cards, which provide random suggestions for book structures and content. I never stopped making books, but they’ve just been quick and dirty constructions made for a quick fix. The combination of LaPlantz’s book and Tetenbaum and Chen’s cards makes me slow down, take my time and really think about what I’m doing. I’ve even plucked up my courage to add illustrations to the books.

This is the latest book, structure from LaPlantz, and colour from T&C’s cards, as was the choice of illustrations. One prompt suggested photographs, another incorporating art by someone else. I found some old drawings made by my husband of this house, and as we are, we hope, about to move after 27 years here, that led to a collection of images of the house.

it’s not perfect, but it has a bittersweet feel to it which suits the subject matter. However the colour I pulled for the pack for the next said ‘favourite colour’, so that one is going to be a bit brighter!