It seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is a sampler for Year of Stitches, inspired by Dawn Thorne’s book, Transparency in Textiles. (The fact that it didn’t work is my fault, not hers!) She suggests layering strips of sheer fabric and joining them with running stitch, which I did. I mounted them on Aquabond first, which made it easier to manage. So for so good. 

Then I decided to add some prints on acetate, which meant washing out the Aquabond before I started, because water and prints on acetate don’t mix. This was not such a good idea. The base fabric distorted when I washed it, the acetates were slippery and difficult to sew, and the thinner areas tended to go into holes which distorted the stitching. I should have stuck with Ms Thorne’s suggestion of adding appliquéd sheers. 

Still, it was a learning experience.

The best thing I’ve done all week was this, which was a quicky for Make Something Every Day. The prompt was to use coffee in some form. I had some coffee stained paper, so as I’ve been playing around with ideas inspired by hawthorn blossom, and have a flower shaped punch, I decided to punch out some coffee coloured flowers, stick them on some paper, and call it done. (OK, they’re not much like hawthorn flowers, but I was cutting corners.) 

But then I found this bit of stencilled paper that’s been hanging around for years, and the whole thing got a bit more elaborate. If I have still got the stencil, there might be an embroidery in it…


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