Adventures with an iPad.

The author of a blog I follow has been posting her photographs inspired by the book ‘Adventures in Seeing’ by Kim Manley Ort. I was interested, so after careful consideration (it’s quite expensive), I bought my own copy.

The subtitle is ‘How the Camera Teaches You to Pause, Focus and Connect with Life’, which gives you an idea of the approach Ort takes: more about focusing on the ‘process of seeing’, rather than how to focus your camera. Or in my case, iPad and iPhone. 

I’m not usually one for touchy feely, mindfulnessy things, but I’m finding the book interesting and helpful. For example, Ort suggests that before you take a photo, you think about what it is that made you want to take it. Yesterday we took advantage of some sunshine to go out to our favourite local gardens. Instead of just photographing everything in sight, I thought about what I was experiencing – specifically the magnolias and camellias, which were magnificent. My photos really doesn’t do them justice – but at least I have something to remind me of an enjoyable afternoon. 

Of course, I realise now, revisiting my photos for this post, that I neglected to take any close ups. So I’ve learnt something.

Ort outlines a series of ‘Adventures’ – topics for photography – and suggests you take a week over each one. The first, cleverly, is ‘Symbols of Openess’. Which seems like a good thing to keep in mind in these troubled times.

So I’ve pottered around the house – and garden, after the downpour stopped – and here are some of the results.


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