Procrastinating, yet again.

Over the last few days I’ve allowed myself to be distracted from both my year of stitches and my knitting sampling. I’ve done a little embroidery, just enough to keep to the rules. But after I tried to knit letters into the sample and made a hash of it, somehow I found myself procrastinating about the procrastination that the sampling is.

The major consumer of time has being going through the ring binders full of stuff which I have collected – tear sheets from magazines, print outs, course notes etc. I have had purges in the past – it often seems to happen about this time of the year, probably the nearest I get to spring cleaning. However, this time I have been more than usually determined: I realised that if I want to look something up, I Google it rather than trying to find the information on my overcrowded shelves.

So this is what I’ve got left. Yes, this is the ‘after’ photo – there was probably twice as much before. Obviously there is still a lot I ought to get rid of – perhaps next year… I did enjoy arranging the rainbow, although it means there is no logical sense to the arrangement, and it takes ages to find the file I want. But at least I know where to put it back.

In the middle of all this, I found instructions for making a crochet cord out of odds and ends of embroidery floss. I can’t imagine why I kept it, because I’m not an enthusiastic crocheter, and why would I want a crochet cord? However I do like knitting Icord – it’s so mindless and relaxing. And I have a lot of tapestry wool, most of it inherited from my mother, which means it’s at least 25 years old. I shall never use it for canvaswork, so why not knit it?

I used three ends together, on 10 mm needles – and in about an hour I’d used up 9 skeins. The colour isn’t very exciting, I started with the least interesting one. Of course I had to put it in the washing machine:  before’ on the left,  after’ on the right. It shrank by about 50% in length, and 25% in diameter. I like the way the colours blend after felting.

And I know what it looks like – let’s be charitable and say a Cumberland sausage. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, it’s ‘just a sample’.

This one, however, will not be felted and will become a scarf. 

The next one (this is would be a lengthy procrastination if they weren’t so quick to knit) will be in Appleton’s wool, so thinner, and will be felted. No idea what I’ll do with that one either – there are several suggestions on the internet, including knitting and weaving with them, and making a model brain. Those obviously need a lot of Icord, but I do like the weaving idea… and then maybe I can try crocheting cords with thread?

Time for some embroidery, I think.


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