Sampling, sampling, sampling.

This odd object is my latest (almost) finished sample – an exploration of oversized stitches and what to do with them. Those running in the direction of knitting were (deliberately) dropped stitches which I unravelled. The bands which go round the knitting are yarn overs. Before felting, I wove through some of the gaps, embroidered others, and left others as they were. I added some surface embroidery in some of the gaps.

Unfortunately the ribbons I wove through to resist the felting came out in the wash, but the holes haven’t completely closed up anyway, and I rather like the uneven effect. 

I shall add some more weaving before it’s finished, but there are already some ideas there to follow up. I like the dark blue band, woven with a thick twisted cord, the thick section where I wove with thick wool which has also felted, and a section on the bag where I worked simple running stitch in a thick yarn. 

As you can probably see, I’m working on different types of holes in the sample I’m working on now, on the right. The one on the left is the polypropylene one I wrote about last time. I shall stitch the edges of the polypropylene sections together to make tucks when I can work up the energy. I was going to knit them in as I went along but picking up the stitches was a little difficult, because the polypropylene is splitty. 

The Year of Stitches carries on. I am adding shisha mirrors to the black one, which has been a learning experience. I think it is close to being finished, although I may add some couching.

I can contain my enthusiasm for the other one: I’m not sure whether to carry on with it, or to abandon it and start something new. It has also been a learning experience – l learned that random colour schemes are not a good idea…


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