The sound of silence…

has been because I’ve been in a creative slump – the muse has definitely gone on holiday, and unfortunately I haven’t gone with her. I couldn’t work out what to do with the masks idea, the 3D explorations were sabotaged by problems with my sewing machine and a lack of enthusiasm on my part, and the knitting has become predictable and boring. 

See photograph above of boring knitting. 

So I have gone back to basics. I am going to do some ordinary knitting – using a pattern! – written by someone else! – which will require very little thought, though I did have to unskein a couple of skeins of wool before I could start. 

And, inspired by an exhibition of Diana Harrison‘s work, and rereading Helen Parrott‘s book ‘Mark Making in Textile Art’, I decided:

1. To go back to embroidery,

2. That the sort of embroidery I like best is reliant on colour, and stitch as mark making,

3. So I needed to start exploring mark making through drawing and stitch. 

Which I did, and it was fun, because I started by taking lots of photos – until the printer started playing up. Still, that seems to be fixed now, so fingers crossed I can print off some photos and start work. 

The wedges below are not cheeses, by the way, but firewood stacked up at Mottisfont.


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