It’s been a busy week.

I knew it was going to be, but when the VHC went down with a tummy bug and had a couple of days off school, it got busier. (He’s better, I’m glad to say.)

Despite that, I seem to have got quite a lot done. There has been wire knitting – the beginnings of another vessel, and some earrings I will probably never wear.

So why make them? Well, the current MSED prompt was about ears, and I couldn’t think of anything except earrings. Except I’ve made a lot of earrings in my time (and I rarely wear those either). So rather than repeat myself completely, and as I’m experimenting with knitting wire, I decided to knit some. I cheated and found a pattern on Knitty, and after lots of mistakes (not the pattern’s fault) I quite like the result. If I was 30 years younger and less grey, lined and haggard I might wear them.

Other knitting has taken place. I can’t knit wire and read subtitles at the same time, so I had to cast on some conventional knitting as well. This is a sample of Sequence Knitting in the round, quite small, but I like the look of it, so I will probably add a base and felt it.

That’s a bit conventional, but I have just finished two SKO’s.  Both experimental, both due to be felted. I’m not sure if thecream  vessel will work, but you never know till you try. The long thin scarf will have the edges wired and it will then coiled up in some, as yet unspecified way.

And finally…

a homemade, largely recycled sketchbook. The cover is the cardboard from a book order, the pages are mostly flyers, painted with emulsion and Brusho. 

And that, plus a very helpful discussion about art, life  and everything with my friend N. made up my week.


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