Progress report

As you can see, one of the bits of papier-mâché has dried out. The other remains pretty damp, despite bringing it into the house and having the heating on. 

I’m not sure what to do with the half-balloon,  though. Isabel Hall couches stuff on to hers, which is a possibility, if I can find something which is a) thick enough for it not to take forever – this thing is quite big – and b) long enough not to run out before I get to the end. I have some single hanks of Collinette which may do, although they are mostly purple, and that doesn’t feel right. These 3D things tell me they want to be neutrals. I spent an afternoon earlier in the week attempting to make machine cord with some chunky brown wool left over from mammoth gloves, but after about 3 hours gave it up as a bad job. 

Despite that, it’s been quite a productive week. I have Made Something (almost) Every Day – plus the paper mache which was also MSED. 

You will have noticed that some of these are circular, which means I can use them for the 100 days project as well. 

I have painted the wire and plaster SKO as well, but no point in photographing that, as I painted it white.

And I have started making a small embroidery (almost) every day – if child care doesn’t get in the way. I started something similar after I’d read ‘Slow Stitch‘, but I made the mistake of making it too elaborate, so it ceased to be relaxing and contemplative. 

So now I make one tiny piece at a time, using scraps, and aiming to finish it in around 30 minutes. Well, that’s the aim! I’m more or less following the rules set up by Liz Kettle in this video, but I’ve added an extra one – the first piece of fabric must be picked from the box of scraps with my eyes closed, and whatever comes out I have to use. After that I can pick what to use with it.

Now you know where I get my chocolate from, if only when I’m feeling in need of emotional uplift. 


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