And then there were three.

Strange Knitted Objects, that is. The multicoloured snake is the raffia and string sampler I threatened in my last post. None of the colours appear to have run, which surprised me rather, though I did omit the garden raffia which had already faded despite living in a drawer. I suppose it doesn’t matter if it fades in the garden, but why bother colouring it green if it is going to do so?

The reason there are now 3 SKOs is that this one did, as expected, come apart in the wash.

No, you cannot machine wash paper yarn. 

Everything else has survived, and most of it has felted to some extent, apart from the rather nice but a bugger to knit bluey ‘mohair’ stuff at the left. On the other hand,the grey mohair at the left has felted very well, despite being blended with nylon.

There hasn’t been much knitting this week, due to exhaustion from high-intensity grandparenting and high tension cycle racing watching, but I have managed to finish this.

I’ve darned in the ends since I took the photo, so it will meet the washing machine next week. Since then I’ve cast on some green hand dye (third from right in the felted sample) which will probably be getting some random cables soon, if I can concentrate on anything so complex.


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