I have resumed…

Making Something Every Day Week Occasionally. Above is number 44, below is number 47. (I jump around depending on mood and inspiration.) As usual, I haven’t stuck precisely to the brief, preferring to use up stash when I can.

The mandala was also influenced by Esté MacLeod’s ‘Creative Leap’ on-line course, which is great if, like me, you lack confidence in drawing.

In other news, I have resumed my exploration of strange knitted objects.  I have been trying out different ways of knitting a circle, starting from the middle, which is my preference.  The method I used for this one gives you concentric rings separated by multiple increases, so I worked alternating circles in DK wool and a much finer slub cotton. It’s small because I only had a little bit of wool left, so I knitted till it ran out. Then I washed it, and it went all lumpy and bumpy – I think the cotton may have shrunk a bit as well. 

I blocked it over the top of a jar, and Wensleydale suggested I made colour coded jar covers. He was joking. I think. I hope.

Despite its strangeness, I like it. Now to try out how big I can make one before it turns into a pancake.

This is also strange but likeable, despite looking like a decorative plant pot cover. Grey and white because I think the colour detracts from it, and it’s incredibly difficult to photograph – this was my third attempt. I have proved to my own satisfaction that you can felt knitted lace, even if it’s not very lacy. Now to find out how tall and how holey I can make one before it falls down – and how to get bigger holes.


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