Three strange, experimental knitted objects.

1. The gnome’s hat above. This is probably the least successful of the three. I was underwhelmed by the idea anyway, and I’m even less whelmed now it’s finished. The experiment will not be repeated. 

I may try cutting it up to see if I can do anything with the fabric.

2. The strange knitted object (on the right). (OK, the one on the left is strange too.) I thought the blue one wouldn’t work but it has turned out better than I expected. I love the way the bouclé bubbles up, but I think there’s too much of it.

My attempt to add a base failed – I couldn’t get it to lie flat – so I washed it without one. It just about stands up on its own, which I wasn’t expecting. Both this and the gnome hat are about 35cm high after felting, which I think is about the maximum unsupported height I can hope for.

3. My favourite strange knitted object. Samples of all sorts of embroidery stitches, in red wool, red perlé, and white cotton, plus a quartet of more or less ridiculous trimmings. It’s given me lots of ideas, which is what it was all about.

My current experiments are into knitting a circular base, then knitting up. Watch this space.