Back to the Drawing Board 

This isn’t quite what I’d intended. After wrestling with 2-3 metre structures made with threaded rod, I’d hoped to dispense with armatures now I’m working smaller. Still, it’ll give my fabricator something to do.

This hasn’t quite gone to plan either. Somehow, having cast on 100 stitches, I ended up with 82. I think, given that the non-stubby bits of the blue cotton are about the thickness of sewing thread, I must have knitted a couple of stitches together here and there- I can’t spot any dropped ones. I’m adding a base, and then it will meet the washing machine. Then we’ll see how it stands up.

This is going according to plan, although I’m pretty underwhelmed by it. It’s not an overgrown pixie hat, it was inspired by some pointy ended wooden sculptures we saw. It may look better when it’s felted, but to look any good at all I think it would need lots of companions, and it is so boring to knit.

And this, which was completely off the cuff, I’m very pleased with. The most recent ‘Make Something Every Day’ prompt was to use yarn, which I found surprisingly challenging to decide on, because I wanted to do something different. Also I wanted to use some tiny samples of rather nice alpaca yarn that were too small for anything much. And I wanted it to be quick.

So – an I-cord necklace. There’s about 6 metres of it and it took one live broadcast of the Tour de France, plus the highlights programme, to make.

As you can see, it’s been apped in Prisma – just to make a grainy photo better, and not to camouflage my ageing neck, honest.