This is a very neglected blog…

Like a distant friend, I occasionally remember it and have a quick word with it, then forget it again until I’ve go a bit of time to fill.

It was an intense friendship when I was doing my Foundation Degree, and set up this blog to record my progress and process. Which is why it’s called what it is: at the time I was working mostly with paper, plastic and string. The friendship has cooled since then: the BA in Fine Art I’ve almost completed hasn’t required a blog of process and progress: I did start another blog to record gallery visits, but decided I preferred to keep my musings to myself and the teaching staff, so that one is even more neglected than this one.

After I completed the Foundation Degree in July 2012, posting got much more sporadic. For a while I used it to record my explorations of the app iColorama, which resulted from particularly bad insomnia (so time to play) and the arrival of my first iPad (on which to play). The app remains brilliant, but I am sleeping better, most of the time.

More recently I’ve used it for some WordPress photography and writing prompts, but the last few haven’t really appealed to me, so they’ve fizzled out.

What prompted this post was another WordPress initiative, ‘Learning the Fundamentals’. OK, I’ve been blogging for years, but do I know what I’m doing? No. My blogs tend to serve my purposes, and I have no interest in ‘building my brand’ to quote WordPress’s 13th missive which has just arrived.(This post is in response to missive 4, so you can tell I haven’t been keeping up.)

This missive asks us to identify the sort of person we would like to read our blog, and write a post for them. Well, obviously, it has to be someone who doesn’t expect regular posts, or a blog that knows where it’s going. You, dear reader, assuming you exist, should be someone with a rather weird sense of humour, prepared to read through rambling posts with no real point to them. There may be ponderings on the meaning of life, the universe and everything, plus an occasional mention of art, or of iPad apps.

Speaking of which, I’m supposed to include a media element I haven’t used before. Considering the difficulty I have persuading WordPress and Macbook to communicate well enough to include even photograph, that’s a big ask. Lets see what I can do.

OK, it won’t let me add a video unless I ‘upgrade my plan’. Which ain’t gonna happen. Nice try, WordPress. So here’s a photo.


i promised you ‘weird’.





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