Just dropping in…

to report on some insomniac iColorama experiments. 

They started from one of the App Whisperer’s Tips of the Day, about making backgrounds for use with apps – except that I couldn’t just follow the instructions, could I? 

I did start, as suggested, by making a coloured gradient in Gradient Color, and adding texture in Glaze, but then I remembered all the colour options in iColorama, under the Tone, Presets and Adjust headings, and all the texture options in most of the other headings, and got a bit sidetracked.

So instead of a pre-coloured gradient, I made a simple black and white one, and began to play. iColorama itself offers four different types of gradients, so I didn’t even need to use Gradient Color.

These are a few of the results, which I made earlier. Tonight, when I couldn’t sleep, I began to think about  other options.

For example, under the Tone heading in iColorama, you can find Match, which allows you to add colours from one image, like this one, to another, for example a black and white gradient.

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough pink to get anything other than a greeny gray and white gradient.

Then, under Effects, you can find Blend, which allows you to blend the gradient with the original image in lots of different ways. 

Like these.

I like the effect of blending an apped version of an image with the original, but I’ve never done it before with just a simple gradient. 

Then I got back to thinking about backgrounds, but not for photos, for stitch.

These all started from a gradient made from a photo of a piece of experimental embroidery in turquoise. I added texture (under Presets), modified the colours, (Tone Lab, under Adjust), and tried out several of my favourites from under the Form tab.

I can see several of these being printed on fabric before adding embroidery.

And finally, I moved out of iColorama and into Decim8. Decim8 can sometimes produce very busy images, but when the original is as simple as a gradient, the results are calmer.

So, a good night’s work. The most frustrating thing is that I have tried to write this three times – once using theWordpress  app, which I find thoroughly confusing, especially when I’m adding so many photos, once accessing WordPress directly online via the iPad, when it froze repeatedly, and this time using Posts, which sometimes seems to produce layouts which look fine on the app and odd on the blog. We shall see what happens this time…

Meanwhile, perhaps I’ll go back and try following the original instructions.