I may get a bit repetitive …

Since completing my degree, I’ve been attending an intermittent workshop at college called ‘Contemporary Textiles’. Last week was the last session for this term, and we were given homework for the summer. A piece of paper with the word ‘Repetition’ on it.


I tried Google but didn’t find the definitions terribly helpful – but then, I know what the word means, I just have no ideas about what to do.

Making stitches is, in itself repetitive but I am resisting the temptation to find a bit of tapestry canvas and make lots of little squares of different stitches.

When all else fails, make a mind map.


That was quite helpful, but I got a bit sidetracked by thinking about the difference between repetition and pattern in a visual context. Lewis F. Day, who wrote the book referred to in the mind map, says that all repetition of form makes a pattern, although he distinguishes between informal, almost accidental patterns like daisies in a lawn, and the formal structure of repeats needed by pattern designers.

That helped because it pushed me away from the idea that repeats have to be formal and geometric, and I could go off and photograph groups of things even if they didn’t make formal patterns.

So I did.


And then I apped it. I’ve discovered a new app called Gridditor which allows you to play around with combinations of filters very easily.


I took that version into XnSketch and came up with a couple more.



Not sure they meant that sort of repetition, or that it is at all relevant to my homework, but I’m having fun!


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