Oh, dear…

another long gap.

I have been designing, but in more traditional ways with paint and paper rather than an iPad. You can see some of the results over on Celia Darbyshire.

However, after an enjoyable visit to Hillier Gardens last week, I loaded my photographs onto the iPad and spent the evening playing.

This is the original.

pink camellia







I cropped it using iColorama and greyed the background using Color Accent, which I find very effective with images with strong colour contrasts..








and then I played around with the image in Etchings, which at first glance seems quite a limited app, but which turns out to provide quite a range of results.


Some of these make me think of applique, others of blackwork, though not necessarily in black!






I have also been continuing my general exploration of iColorama: you can see the results on Cheese Snaps. Just as I thought I’d worked my way through, there were a couple of great upgrades and now there are a whole lot of extra goodies to play with!
















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