Where have the last few months gone?

Well – we went back to looking after our grandchildren after their mum finished her maternity leave. That has taken up a fair bit of time and a lot of energy. And there has been a summer of cycling – not doing it, we are a bit beyond that now, but watching it. But chiefly there has been the problem of floundering around trying to decide where I’m going with my work.

I’ve had enough of tubes for now. I don’t think I’ve abandoned them for ever, and I do have some ideas for new approaches – but not yet.

So what to do instead?

I have been trying out some new techniques – well, new for me.

Like coiled baskets. I tried several different approaches but I still like this one, the first I made, the best. Tapestry wool and cotton cord.

During the summer I discovered the work of Sheila Hicks and was completely blown away by it – so I have been teaching myself to weave. I’ve made a tiny, ad hoc loom, with the intention of moving onto bigger things when I can tear myself  away from these babies. [the yello thing is a lolly stick pressed into service as a shed stick – well, I think that’s what its called.

I find making them a bit like eating Pringles – but a lot lower in calories.

I have said on more than one occasion, and in public, that I don’t like doing machine embroidery – so I was very surprised to find out how much I liked this sample I made after seeing work by MarionThompson, for whom, unfortunately, I can’t find a link. I like it so much I’m doing more…

And finally, I’ve gone back to embroidering on photos, albeit in a different – and better – style than my previous efforts. Any one else old enough to remember the craze for  curve stitching?

Good job I’ve just enrolled on a photography course.

Now all I’ve got to do is decide what to focus on…

And to work out how to get WordPress to publish this page the way I’ve laid it out, and not the way it has. Shades of Blogger at its most disobedient!


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