Weeks 19-20: A Big Decision

I fund the group critique on 25th April really helpful. This was only partly because of the comments from Mel and my fellow students, positive as they were. Seeing what other people were preparing [and how big it was] made me realise that there is no point in  making new stuff just for the sake of making it, when I already have more than I can expect to exhibit – at least 6 pieces which I think might be worth showing, 7 if I make the planned but rather scary video of one of the pieces, and 8 if I make a Blurb book of all the pieces..

So I’m not going to make any more, not even finish ‘Saga’.

Lest anyone think this means I have nothing to do, I shall continue with POT, and with photographing everything weekly. I also have to think about, and prepare, the presentation of ‘Lost Words’ and any photos I show. I will keep up with the blogs. There’s all the paperwork [in its broadest sense] – business plan, contextualisation, sketchbooks and work book. And we are going away on holiday for a fortnight – so I think I have enough to keep me busy.

However, I have given myself some time off, apart from the photos, POT and blogs. I’m using the time to do some completely non-college related and unoriginal embroidery, [I’ve found it very enjoyable and relaxing] although while I’ve been doing it I’ve been thinking about where I’m going.

I like making installations, and I like environmental art – but I think I’ve gone as far as I can with paper tubes. I need to explore how to use fabric and stitch in environmental installations – outside or inside. I’m not planning anything yet – but it is where I see my future work developing, perhaps if the top-up course comes off.

We shall see!


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