Week 13: progress on all fronts…

with the Mac – [particularly with iPhoto, which to someone used to Picasa is a real challenge] with ‘Great Art?’ and ‘Untitled’.

I finished the 25 dipyramids, and have started the series of photographs inspired by the elements – air, and some earth. ‘Air’ must have been entertaining for the neighbours – first I scrambled about in the hedge hanging up the dipyramids – and then I got down to ground level to take their photographs from as close to underneath them as I could get.

It was difficult to see the camera screen because of the bright sunlight. Then I deleted the video I’d shot because I thought iPhoto had downloaded it, as Picasa would have done – and it hadn’t, I should have used iMovie. And I took the dipyramids out of the trees before I realised.

I wasn’t going to take any ‘Earth’ photos today, but the evening light was so good I was tempted. My assistant agreed.

“Untitled’ is nearly finished – just a few more rows of raised chain band and a decision about how to display it.

So, not a bad week, even though I lost two days to some unexpected baby sitting – fun, but exhausting. And I’ve had an idea for another piece, to be called ‘Saga’ – at last  a use for the endless holiday brochures.


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