Week 12.

Some progress has been made this week – I rolled about 300 tubes from an old ‘Great Art’ catalogue, and did rather a lot of raised chain band over 50 brown paper tubes.

The catalogue was on its way into the bin when I realised that it would solve my problem about adding colour – the pages are mostly white, but the tubes have little flashes of colour where the illustrations show. I was also amused at the idea of adopting my usual naming policy and calling the piece ‘Great Art’ – or possibly ‘Great Art?’  I had intended to spend today making up the tubes into dipyramids – but I have been distracted into playing wrestling with my birthday present, a Mac. As a confirmed PC user, I have undergone something of a steep learning curve.

During the week I came across the work of Lauren Scanlon, who uses recycled romance novels, carrying out what she calls ‘ritual transformations’ on them, involving earth [burying them] air [making paper cuts from the covers] water [turning them into hand-made paper] and fire – which is obvious. I have been thinking about trying a similar idea with ‘Great Art’, but with different processes – starting from earth and returning to earth via the ashes of the burnt structures. So I’d better get on and make them.

The embroidered piece, so far untitled, is an exploration of making an indoor piece, and using stitch more intensively than I have so far. The problem is the intensity – one line of stitch uses 5 metres of thread and takes an hour, and I find it boring, so it only gets done when there is something on the TV which I can listen to more than watch – which rules out my favourite foreign language detective series.  But both pieces are making steady progress and will make more when the novelty of the Mac wears off.


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