Weeks 10 & 11: Good Intentions.

I had plans for these two weeks – using the college session on Wednesday to make tubes which I could use in experimental pieces on the subsequent free days I thought I had.

I hadn’t realised that Terrie had planned a workshop for Wednesday, which was quite useful – especially her ideas on colouring paper should I decide to do so – but of course it put back my plans.

I did manage to make a couple of experimental pieces on Thursday – but on Friday and Saturday we  were called in for emergency baby sitting after my daughter-in-law went down with norovirus.  Then, as I expected, I got it as well.  Although the worst of it was over within 12 hours, the after-effects left me with little energy.

Enough of the excuses. I managed to put together a few samples for the peer review with Mel, which was very helpful – the advice was to keep going, abandon Prayer Flags which I have been increasingly unhappy with [still like the idea, didn’t like the execution], and forget about  making books as they wouldn’t add anything.

Mel also suggested I try to find some natural paints and dyes to colour the pieces, as I liked the look of a 3D piece I coloured with Brusho, but felt there was no artistic justification for what I’d done.  Thanks to the wonders of Google,  I have managed to track down some naturally coloured watercolours, and some oak gall and walnut ink-  made with real walnuts, not the fake stuff generally available. As I am now feeling a bit more energetic, I hope to start experimenting with those when they arrive.


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