Week 9: Festina Lente

It has been a week since my last post – and I still haven’t finished the piece I talked about starting then. Wrapping the ring, making the tubes and waxing them all took longer than anticipated – and we hae had a busy week anyway. Today I finally sat down to string the whole thing together – and realised that. although on the mock-up the black outline looked too heavy, in reality, the outer ring needs to be black. I was dreading deconstructing the whole thing, but my husband pointed out that I could over-wrap the ring with black yarn, which will be slow and boring [I speak from experience of the first wrapping] but is more doable, especially if we get some decent TV which I can listen to rather than watch.

On the more positive side, as the weather forecast for Sunday was good, I repeated the hourly photography of ‘Mirror’ and got some more interesting photos. I’ve made another slide show, and will post it on the website after I’ve finished writing this.

We also managed to se a couple of exhibitions: the show of Matisse cutouts at the Discovery Centre, and an exhibition of jewellery from recycled materials by Brazilian artists at Walford Mill. The Matisse was joyful – bright colours, lovely shapes – and the Walford Mill show was fascinating to a recycler – although I don’t think I’m going to start melting down wiring or waste rubber any time soon.

There was an associated exhibition of work by textile students from the Arts University  college in Bournemouth, which was also quite inspirational – and made me realise that my own work is not that bad, and not unusual in not using conventional textiles.

All much more satisfying than the Russell-Cotes show last week.


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