Week 8: mock-ups and models

I’m still more or less on track, but finding it difficult to stick to my intention to make a series of models and sketches before starting on my final pieces – when I produced a sketch that looked good, I wanted to make the piece straight away.  As I want to hang this piece, ‘Compass’, outside, I’ve decided to go ahead, to give it time to mature.


Some of the other experimental pieces look promising as well, but others haven’t live up to my expectations – which is the point of making them, of course.

We took a day out to go down to Bournemouth to the Russell-Cotes Art gallery. There were two exhibitions – work by David Brooke, rather tenuously linked to three pictures by Frederic Leighton, and ceramics by Rosemarie James. The ceramics were pretty but unexciting, and the paintings didn’t say much to me, although I was interested in the small studies of drapery Leighton had done for his larger pieces. The most interesting part  was the video about the Leighton House Museum, which succeeded in making the Russell-Cotes itself look almost mundane.


Clytie, by Frederic Lord Leighton http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/picture-of-month/displaypicture.asp?venue=7&id=365


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