Week 7 – back on track…

sort of.

The time since I last posted has been spent in sampling, making websites and photography.

I tried various techniques of wrapping the basic tube. Although some look ‘quite nice’, on the whole, the results were unexciting – nothing that prompted any bright ideas. However I’ve learned that overwrapping, which seemed like a good idea before I tried it,  isn’t such a good idea after all.

I wanted to work on samples of painted/printed/stained paper for making books – but the conservatory, where I make painty messes, is unheated, and  as we are having the coldest spell of the winter so far, I’ve put it off for now.  Instead I’ve been experimenting with an idea inspired by prayer flags, involving paper tubes [of course] and junk CDs. I’ve made a mock up which  seems promising, but I realise I need lots more junk CDs if I want lots of prayer flag, as envisaged, so  I’ve put out an appeal on Facebook – as you do. If that doesn’t produce enough I shall have to try Freecycle.

I have also managed to ‘finish’ my website – although it will always be a work in progress. I enjoyed the process , although I found WordPress a real challenge after Blogger. Making the website, which is mostly photos, made me realise that many of my images were just not good enough, so I have had to take one or two more. The snow yesterday was an inspiration, and many of my close-ups  now feature snow. Downloading the images nearly came a cropper when the card reading slot on this laptop packed up, but fortunately I have an external card reader.

Before it snowed I had completed my plan of photographing ‘Mirror’ every hour [more or less] from dawn to dusk [more or less]. It was surprisingly demanding, as I couldn’t really settle to anything in the gaps, and as it was a grey day the photos don’t differ very much. I did learn a few things:

  1. choose a sunny day – although I haven’t worked out how to do this before I set the alarm for silly o’clock.
  2. using a tripod steadies the camera but doesn’t guarantee that all images will be taken at exactly the same angle
  3. don’t take lots of photos using lots of different settings – you end up very confused
  4. close ups and distance shots may be more interesting that middle distance shots.

All useful when I do it again on a better day.

I have made a slide show from the images, although it’s not very exciting because the light didn’t change much, and I’ve added a link to it on the website.


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