Week 6

Why ‘Week 6’?  Because when I was writing my previous post, I checked the paperwork for each module and discovered to my horror that one of the criteria for Module 14 was a plan/timeline of events leading up to completion – in other words some indication that I’d thought about the timing of what I am doing.

So I thought I’d better make one.

I spent a fruitless half hour or so this morning fossicking about in Word, to try to avoid reinventing the wheel, without finding anything suitable that wasn’t going to be even harder to understand than WordPress, and decided that it was easier to make my own. This is why I know that this is week 6, since the start of the year, and that there are only 20 weeks to go to the degree show. Can you hear the panic in my voice?

It was a useful exercise, which I hope  will encourage me to get down to a rather more organised  approach than I have been taking.

I have written in ‘sampling’ for the first 8 weeks – because that is mainly what I have been doing – but of course I had already ignored my retrospective planning, as the result of an insomniac night last Wednesday. When I was working on contextualisation for a previous module, I came across the beautiful work of Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll.  Inspired by their work, I tracked down some mirror fabric – but wasn’t sure what to do with it when it came.

My insomniac idea was to make my usual tubes, and twine them together with some dayglo string I’d bought earlier that day. I wanted to make a piece which was completely artificial and non-biodegradable. I think of it as a crisp packet piece – bright, glittery and indestructible – compared with some of my other pieces which, as they are largely paper, are slowly deteriorating, as a result of exposure to the weather.

I started the piece on Thursday, but encountered some problems in getting the tubes to stay stuck. I had a second, more successful attempt on Saturday, but then decided I did not want to put the piece outside permanently, because I  thought that what I’d made was a pretty effective bird scarer.

I took inspiration from Kaminsky and Poll again, and decided to put the piece outside for only one day, photographing it at hourly intervals from dawn to dusk. This would allow me to explore my theme of the passage of time without chasing all the birds out of my garden.

This led to three more decisions:

  1. get a tripod  for my camera
  2. take the photos as soon as possible, before ‘dawn to dusk’ began to start too early.
  3. present the results in the form of a book – so the finished work will probably be a book rather than the mirror piece itself.

This is the only piece I have made during the entire course which is entirely made from  non-recycled materials, which I rather regret – I just hope the photographs justify my decision.


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