Perhaps I should explain…

To finish my degree course I have to complete four more modules:

  • Module 13 is Professional Practice – as part of which I had to set up the website which spawned this blog.
  • Module 14 is Visual Research – contextualisation, sketches, etc.
  • Module 15 is Fabric/Stitch Trials – fabric and stitch being very broadly defined, or I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing!
  • Module 16 is the final body of work.

Modules 14 and15 follow on from previous, similar work – but people keep using this word ‘focussed’.

From the start of the course I’ve kept a private blog as a diary, and made a transcription of it to hand in as evidence of planning and time-management [big emphasis on that throughout the course.]

But when I set up the website I decided to come out into the open and write my diary in public. After all, I thought, if I give the tutors  the link to the website as evidence for Module 13, [can’t help feeling that number may be more significant than we thought, given the frustration we’ve all experienced with WordPress], I could also give them the link to this blog and not have to print it out and hand in. [Better mind my language.]


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